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Not sure which balm suits your needs best?
Try our Mini Balm box

This is the perfect way to 'sample' one of each of these magical balms.

Four perfect 5ml tins in a delightful box. One of each, Mend, Ease, Calm & Sport.

Perfect for you to try, use or present as a thoughtful gift. 

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Four Balms in One Box - 100% Natural & Vegan

beautify crafted box with four pocket size 5ml tins of balm.

Perfect to try, use or give as thoughtful gift.

We're confident you'll find the perfect balm for you & others you know

The Humble Herb background.jpg

Tin 1 - Mend

Banish those aches & pains

A favourite & best seller. This tin full of Mend balm  can help you with some pain relief. Use anywhere on your body for instant relief. Our CBD-infused balm is carefully crafted, combining the healing powers of Cajeput, Coriander, Peppermint, and Ginger essential oils with Broad Spectrum CBD. The result is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that calm and soothe discomfort while providing a refreshing fragrance that uplifts your senses.

Tin 2 - Calm

Peaceful mind - Wouldn't that be nice!

Achieve peace and tranquillity & banish anxiety and stress. Chill out and sleep well with the calm balm. A small amount of balm on the temples and pulse points will have you chilled as you glide serenely through the day. Our CBD-infused balm is enriched with a powerhouse of complimentary oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, and Bergamot, allowing you to relax, rebalance, and regain a sense of control.


Tin 3 - Ease

Eczema? Psoriasis? Rash?

This super skin friendly balm will battle a range of skin complaints in the most naturally effective way. Rashes, eczema, psoriasis, blemishes and itches. CBD-infused balm is enriched with a powerhouse of complimentary oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and vitamin E.

Tin 4 - Sport

Sore muscles? Inflammation?
Injury Recovery? 

Swollen ankle, cramps, aching back or tingling calf, inflamed ankle? Just apply some sport balm and feel the difference immediately. CBD  blended with a combination of peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oils to help soothe and combat discomfort

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