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Our ethos and vision

Natural options available for everyone

The Humble Herb is all about natural ways of helping people.

Our vision is to offer excellent quality, ethically sourced, powerful products that work.

Our products are lovingly made in small batches and subject to our strenuous quality control process.

We believe that nature has all the answers and by harnessing its power and properties, we can help people feel better without having to rely solely on synthetic medication. Our mission is to provide natural solutions to everyday problems, or at the very least, help with these problems.


My name is Sam - I started The Humble Herb.

This is my story and why I believe so much in our balms.

CBD has helped, and continues to help me in everyday life, and I want to share that magic with you 


The Humble Herb is Sam's Story...

The journey to get to this point has been a long and winding road. It all started back in 2013 when the company's founder, Samantha, began her investigation into natural ways of helping with discomfort. This was kick-started with Sam being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. On occasions bed-bound, and already suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Sam underwent the usual rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, alongside further drugs. Some of these drugs were particularly harsh and came with side effects. To mitigate some of these issues, Sam began to look at 'alternative' or more 'natural' solutions that started a journey of investigation, experimentation, trial and error. 


CBD was a major focus in this journey of discovery.


The healing properties of CBD have been studied and documented for many years, with a growing body of evidence pointing to CBD's potential to act as a powerful natural remedy. CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), an internal regulatory system responsible for the regulation of bodily functions such as pain, inflammation and anxiety. 


Natural Essential Oils were another focus.  


Natural oils have been a powerful remedy in many cultures for centuries. They are now being studied more closely, and their healing properties are becoming more widely acknowledged in the medical community. Various oils are found to contain powerful therapeutic benefits.


Combining these powerful natural elements and capturing them in balms that are always on hand, has been key in Sam's journey to where she is today. Ten years free of cancer and receding ME.


Over the years, these balms have changed, been developed and enhanced. The balms worked and were given out to family, friends, friends of friends and associates with feedback and demand getting to the stage where The Humble Herb came into existence to be able to keep up with demand. Very much a family concern, balms are still made with the same love and care that has been the case for years.  


All of our products are made in the UK and are vegan and cruelty-free. 


How to use

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