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The Humble Herb's all natural CBD infused

balms with selected essential oils 

100% Natural - Vegan - Cruelty free - UK made


Nature's Touch, Gentle and True - Where relief springs forth from the earth

Arthritis? Back Pain? Eczema? Psoriasis? Joint Pain? Anxiety? Stress? Sore Muscles?

Have you tried CBD Balm yet? Visit our store to join those in the know 

What's behind the magic? 

Not all balms are created equal.

At The Humble Herb we go further to ethically source our natural ingredients to ensure they are the finest and the most effective.


The master ingredient.

Our most powerful balms are packed with a colossal 1000mg of CBD

How to use our CBD balm

Seems obvious, but take a look at the balms and how to apply them.

Remember those pulse points 

Humble-herb-CBD-balms-essential oil

Blended into our balms to enhance the effectiveness and create wonderful aromas

Vegan CBD balms

Our ingredients and processes don't involve any use of any animal products, by-products or derivatives


A hero ingredient in all of our balms. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin & strengthens the body's natural defence


It all started with a personal health challenge and a journey of discovery 

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£5 discount voucher to spend on any 30ml product today - Use the code 'WELCOME' on checkout to apply 

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Oh wow did I suffer, but rubbing Mend into my back eased, relieved and soothed me to the point of feeling almost back to normal - love it! 


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